Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour

Refund Policy


Tournament entry fees may be credited/refunded in full provided that the request is made prior to the close of entries for the event(s) in question. Requests for credit/refund after the close of entries will be subject to a $10 servicing fee provided that they are made within 12 hours of the designated event. Requests made later than 12 hours prior to the start of event will not be honored unless for a justified reason as deemed justified by the Committee. No credits will be issued due to tournaments being shortened for any reason. Events that fail to start because of inclement weather will be rescheduled. If we are unable to reschedule a postponed event, credit/refunds will be issued. 


Withdrawals, No Shows, and No Cards

Competitors who have entered and been accepted into a field may only withdraw with a full credit/refund if the competitor or parent calls GLJGT Tour Director, Jay Willow, at 814.397.0699 prior to the start of the event provided that they meet the guidelines presented above. A no-show (NS) is a competitor who fails to show for round of a tournament without contacting GLJGT by phone. No shows will not receive a credit/refund. Withdrawals (WD) after the start of an event will not receive a credit/refund unless withdrawal is due to medical emergency. To withdraw from a tournament, the competitor must speak with the Tour Director/Onsite Coordinator for the withdrawal to be considered justified. Withdrawing for poor play is considered an unjustifiable withdrawal, and will be reported as such to the National Junior Golf Scoreboard (NJGS). If a competitor does not return a scorecard at scoring or to the Committee for proper withdrawal, the competitor is designated as no card (NC) and will not be credited/refunded.