Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour

Point System

How do the Points Work?

For each tournament, players will earn points based on their finish within their respective age groups. For example, if 20 players are entered in the Boys 16 to 19 age group, a first place finish would earn a base of 20 points while the last place finisher will earn one tour point. In addition, the top three finishers in each age group will earn bonus points based on a point multiplier as followers.

Θ First place, total points multiplied by 2 (From the example above, the first place finisher will earn 20 pts times 2 for a total of 40 pts).

Θ Second place, total points multiplied by 1.5 (From the example above, the second place finisher will earn 19 pts times 1.5 for a total of 28.5) 

Θ Third place, total points multiplied by 1.25 (From the example above, the third place finisher will earn 18 pts times 1.25 for a total of 22.5)



What's the Point of Points?

Players accumulate points throughout the season for a chance to compete in the Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour Championship. The top points earners for each division earn spots in the Tour Championship. The total number of players from each division who are invited to the Championship is determined based on the number players who compete in the respective divisions throughout the regular season. As an example, previous Tour Championships have consisted of the following composition.

Boys 16 to 19: Top 9 players

Boys 13 to 15: Top 9 players

Boys 10 to 12: Top 3 players

Girls 15 to 19: Top 3 players

Girls 10 to 14: Top 3 players


Should the lessor respresented divisions gain more interest, additional tour spots will be allocated. In general, the top 30% of each respective division has been invited to the Championship, with a minimum of 3 players represented for each division.


How do I Get to the Championship and What Happens When I Get There?

Players in past seasons have qualified in one of two ways, either they enter a few events and placed very high or they enter many events and placed above average. Once you get to the Championship, all points are wiped clean and everyone plays 36 holes for the Championship Trophy.