Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour

General Info

About the Tour.

The 2022 marks the 10th season of organized junior golf summer competition in Northwestern Pennsylvania. This year marks our most comprehensive schedule to date, exposing the area’s junior players to national and international eyes and hopefully opening doors to college golf.


Our Events.

Tournaments are open to junior golfers aged 10 to 19. Junior players who are recent high school graduates but have yet to begin college are eligible to enter. There are no residency requirements as we are committed to fostering junior golf regardless of where a player calls home. 

Tournaments begin in mid-May and continue until early August, just before high school tryouts. Events are two-day stroke play events. Players aged 13 and older will play 18 holes per day, the youngest age groups (10-12) will play 9 holes each day. All 36-hole, two-day events will be posted to the Junior Golf Scoreboard where players will earn ranking in the Junior Golf Scoreboard world rankings. The Junior Golf Scoreboard is one of the primary places that college coaches go to recruit players. There are some restrictions to Junior Golf Scoreboard score posting, one specifically being that age groups must have 5 participants to be eligible for posting. Every effort will be made to assure that as many scores as possible are posted to the ranking site. For more information about the Junior Golf Scoreboard, click here.


Ability Standards

It should be noted that the GLJGT is a competitive environment and may not be suited for entry level players. As a general rule, players should be able to meet the following playing standards to avoid frustration and negative experiences. Obviously, everyone has a bad day from time to time but players in respective age groups should meet the following scoring standards.

BOYS 16 to 19: 100 strokes or better

BOYS 13 to 15: 110 strokes or better

BOYS 10 to 12: 60 strokes or better (per 9 holes)

GIRLS 16 to 19: 110 strokes or better

GIRLS 13 to 15: 120 strokes or better

GIRLS 10 to 12: 65 strokes or better (per 9 holes)