Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

♦ Are you allowed to use carts?

- Players may use pull/push carts, course permitting (Kahkwa the only exception). Motorized carts are not allowed for players nor for spectators.

♦ Are caddies allowed?

- Caddies are not permitted for any event. This includes the EDGA Junior Match Play Championship where caddies had been allowed a few years ago.

♦ Can I follow my son/daughter during their round?

- Spectator are permitted but are asked to follow the following rules

- Offer encouragement only, do not offer advice, this will result in a penalty and potentially disqualification. 

- Stay on cart paths or in the rough no closer than 25 yards from the players. First offense will result in a warning to the spectator, second offense will result in a 2 stroke penalty to the player. 

- Be aware of groups ahead or behind of the group that you are following, you may be walking into a landing area. 

- You may help players search for lost balls and are encouraged to do so for the entire group.


- Please refrain from moving/talking when players are making a stroke.

- No smoking please. 

♦ What is the dress code?

- Players should wear traditional golf attire: shorts/slacks/skorts/skirts with appropriate top (collared or faux collared shirts). "Gym" clothing will not be permitted, i.e., basketball shorts, tee shirts, tank tops, etc.

♦ Distance measuring devices...

- range finders are allowed provided that they do not pick up slope or wind speed. Even if you are able to turn off these functions, the range finder with the functions cannot be used.

- sky caddies/GPS watches/GPS on phones: all allowed.