Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour

Introducing the Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour

Presented by AXA Advisors

(Formerly the Flagship City Junior Tour)


"New name, same great experiences, plus much more."


Hello Junior Golfers and Families.

We are excited to introduce the Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour. As the organizers of the Flagship City Junior Tour, that was hosted by the Erie District Golf Association, we are thrilled to offer this stand-alone junior golf experience. We are confident that the "new" tour will continue to offer excellent opportunities to gain valuable competitive experience. We have introduced new components to the tour that have the potential to offer a greater long term benefit to the participants.

What's New?

Θ You will notice the summer schedule has been expanded. Twelve events in total offer more competitive experiences to the players. As always, players are free to play as many or as few events as they wish. 

Θ You will also notice that the majority of the summer schedule consists of 2-day events. Not only will this prepare players for major tournaments they can expect to play in the future, i.e., district and state championships, but it also allows us to report the scores to the Junior Golf Scoreboard. This is one of the PRIMARY places that college coaches go to recruit players. No longer will success on the tour be limited to local exposure, results will be recognize at the national and international level.

Θ TOUR MEMBERSHIP. Another new feature this year is Tour Membership. By becoming a member of the tour, players will received special benefits in addition to reduced rates on tournament entries. Some of these benefits include official tour gear such as towels, hat clips and ball markers, gear bags, bag tags and the new USGA official rule book, players addition. Membership is not required to play in tour events.

Latest Results
GLJGT Tour Championship
August 5-6
Girls 10-14
Swan. A (+21)
Sliker. H (+73)
Zinram. A (+73)
Girls 15-19
White. S (+12)
Henry. K (+25)
Klinger. M (+32)
Boys 10-12
Fosco. L (+53)
Hassenplug. L (+55)
Berk. P (+55)
Boys 13-15
Swan. I (+10)
Taylor. B (+10)
Westfall. K (+15)
Boys 16-19
Carr. S (+6)
Henry. Z (+6)
Rowane. E (+9)
GLJGT Country Club Classic
July 29-30
Girls 10-14
Zinram. A (+51)
Sliker. H (+56)
Girls 15-19
White. S (+6)
Klinger. M (+15)
DeArment. L (+45)
Boys 10-12
Fosco. L (+34)
Hassenplug. L (+48)
Berk. P (+48)
Boys 13-15
Taylor. B (+10)
Swan. I (+12)
DeAngelo. J (+21)
Boys 16-19
Hassenplug. C (+10)
Carr. S (+12)
Henry. Z (+13)
GLJGT at Mound Grove
July 25
Girls 10-14
Swan. A (+3)
Zinram. A (+19)
Sliker. H (+33)
Girls 15-19
DeArment. L (+23)
Phillis. A (+33)
Boys 10-12
Fosco. L (+15)
Berk. P (+26)
Boys 13-15
Westfall. K (+9)
Taylor. B (+10)
Markiewicz. L (+11)
Boys 16-19
Rowane. E (+2)
Carr. S (+2)
Henry. Z (+6)
Current Rankings
Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour
2019 Season
As of 7/30/2019 2:46:25 PM
Boys 16-19
1 - Carr. S
2 - Henry. Z
3 - Hassenplug. C
4 - Rowane. E
5 - Sliker. T
Boys 13-15
1 - Taylor. B
2 - DeAngelo. J
3 - Westfall. K
4 - Swan. I
5 - Fugagli. J
Boys 10-12
1 - Fosco. L
2 - Hassenplug. L
3 - Berk. P
4 - Rucks. T
5 - Mastrian. L
Girls 15-19
1 - White. S
2 - Thomas. T
3 - Klinger. M
4 - Henry. K
5 - DeArment. L
Girls 10-14
1 - Swan. A
2 - Zinram. A
3 - Sliker. H
4 - DuShole. N
5 - Caryl. K