Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour

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Introducing the Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour


Hello Junior Golfers and Families.

Welcome to the Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour. We are thrilled to offer this stand-alone junior golf experience. We are confident that the tour will offer excellent opportunities to gain valuable competitive experience with the potential to offer a greater long term benefit to the participants.

What's New in 2020?

Θ New divisions. In response to parent feedback, there will new age divisions in 2020. The boy's divisions remain the same, with Boy's 10 to 12, 13 to 15 and 16 to 19 age groups. This year we are adding a Girl's 10 to 12 division, altering the middle division to be open to 13 to 15 and the oldest division 16 to 19. Additionally, the youngest groups will play only 9 holes per day as opposed to 18. Players will be permitted to play "up" a division should they so choose but will be subject to their tour ranking in the division they play in for that tournament. No player may qualify for the Tour Championship in more than one age division. 

Θ Tour veterans will notice schedule revisions for 2020. Through feedback from parents and players, we feel that one two-day event per week enhances enjoyment and avoids burnout in players. We are also trying to line up a couple of events on weekends prior to school letting out. As always, players are free to play as many or as few events as they wish. 

Θ You will also notice that all of the summer schedule will be 2-day events. Not only will this prepare players for major tournaments they can expect to play in the future, i.e., district and state championships, but it also allows us to report the scores to the Junior Golf Scoreboard. This is one of the PRIMARY places that college coaches go to recruit players. No longer will success on the tour be limited to local exposure, results will be recognize at the national and international level.

Θ TOUR MEMBERSHIP. Tour membership is suspended for 2020. All tournament registrations will be at the membership rate. 

Latest Results
Avalon Lakes Fall Collegiate
October 24
Men's Collegiate
Meyer. R (+1)
Hoover. W (+5)
Christman. C (+8)
Fall Collegiate at Peek n Peak
October 18
Men's Collegiate
Peters. R (+6)
Angelucci. J (+7)
Kipp. T (+8)
High School Boys
Henry. Z (+10)
Pedano. P (+12)
Gronbeck. L (+14)
The Country Club Fall Collegiate
September 26-27
Men's Collegiate
Holmes. A (+1)
Peters. R (+1)
Ferry. R (+2)
High School Girls
DeArment. L (+9)
Zinram. A (+15)
Harpst. A (+18)
High School Boys
Rowane. E (-5)
Mahoney. M (+3)
Farrell. J (+6)
Current Rankings
Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour
2020 Season
As of 10/24/2020 6:29:04 PM
Boys 16-19
1 - Swan. I
2 - Hassenplug. C
3 - Henry. Z
4 - Flinchbaugh. D
5 - Pedano. P
Girls 10-12
1 - Hirz. C
2 - Erhartic. M
3 - Sears. S
4 - Benz. A
5 - Bickel. E
Girls 13-15
1 - Kerle. M
2 - Zinram. A
3 - Harpst. A
4 - D'Andrea. E
5 - Wolf. A
Girls 16-19
1 - Thomas. T
2 - Swan. A
3 - Harpst. A
4 - Klinger. M
5 - DeArment. L
Boys 13-15
1 - James. J
2 - Westfall. K
3 - Feather. M
4 - Gladden. R
5 - Kerle. K
Boys 10-12
1 - Gjovik. M
2 - Swan. J
3 - Pfleger. E
4 - McCracken. M
5 - Recio. C